The Membership Committee takes responsibility for supporting the M-SNAP mission by providing the human resources: the members who make the work possible. They work with the Treasurer to insure membership dues are properly recorded and accounted for in keeping with M-SNAP's non-profit status. Their primary goal is to recruit and record/register new members. Their secondary goal is the ongoing education and support of members so that their contributions to M-SNAP are appropriate, enjoyable, and acknowledged.

The committee recruits new members by:
identifying opportunities for recruitment in connection with Community Outreach activities, and supplying materials/staffing for the recruitment activity;

identifying other opportunities, such as door-to-door, media-sponsored membership drives, etc., for member recruitment, and organizing and implementing such activities.

The committee records/registers new members by:
starting and maintaining a list of members, updated for each new member in a timely fashion;
collecting the annual membership dues;
maintaining a supply of membership ID's and distributing them to new members;
maintaining a supply of M-SNAP business cards and distributing a set to new members.

The committee helps each member to maximize his or her experience with M-SNAP, starting the moment they join and going forward, by:
maintaining, distributing, collecting, and recording a member questionnaire that identifies what role the member wishes to play in M-SNAP, including level of participation and, where appropriate, skills the member is willing to make available;
providing members with handouts of information on M-SNAP's mission and related information (FAQs, website URL, etc.) as part of the join-up process;
placing members into appropriate roles within the M-SNAP structure by using the questionnaires and personal interviews;
creating and publishing a member newsletter (electronic and/or paper distribution) to keep members up-to-date on M-SNAP activities and member accomplishments.

MEMBERSHIP FORM - Please print and complete this form. Mail the form with your membership fee to the address listed in the upper right-hand corner. Please print clearly.....particularly your email address.