The Community Outreach Committee takes responsibility for those activities connected with making spay/neuter the most common solution to reducing dog and cat overpopulation.

Our primary goal is to inform and educate all segments of the community about the viability and desirability of spay/neuter as the population control mechanism of choice - and about M-SNAP's active role in implementing that solution.

Our secondary goal is to form liaisons with other groups and individuals who have goals in common with M-SNAP, in order to coordinate information, publicity, and resources available to the community to promote the spay/neuter solution.

Call (304-985-0123) or email ( to arrange for a speaker or program for your organization or event.


For the Young and Young-at-Heart (free) About having a dog or cat for a pet & Pet Puzzle. (free) Youth-oriented explanations about the benefits of spay/neuter; pet puzzle link. (free) Spay/neuter article aimed at youthful dog owners. (free - registration optional) Spay/neuter article aimed at youthful cat owners. (free use of many features, paid subscription available) Create stories, movies, cards, drawings - animal-centric themes, very inventive! (free) How to address some worries that children may have about spaying/neutering the family pets.

General Pet Info (free information access, paid membership for vets) Get the professional's advice and tips on pet health subjects. (free information access, free online membership, paid membership) The Humane Society of the United States engages in a wide variety of anti-cruelty and animal welfare activities. Learn about these, pet food recalls, and other pet-related topics. (free) Some tips and info about fearful dogs.

About Spay & Neuter (free) Everything you ever wanted to know about spay/neuter!

Animal-Related Laws

State - Compiled by the WVU College of Law Student Chapter of the SALDF. (Complete document available upon request)

Municipal - An M-SNAP project completed by a WVU student through the Center for Civic Engagement.